About Us



My name is Jessica Acosta and I am the owner and founder of ChuChee B! This company was created and started in October of 2017. I am a mom of four wonderful and wild boys and married to my love! For years I have wanted to start a business of my own. I have had some pretty crazy ideas! One night while lying in bed we were watching my youngest son dance around in his big brothers shirt. I laughed and said let’s just create sleep t'zzz!



Sleeping in a big shirt has always been a thing in my house for all of my kids, I even liked to wear them as a child (who didn't) and especially living in the AZ heat it’s always the best sleep option.  After doing some research I realized there isn't much out there as far as sleep tees for kids. I have all boys so nightgowns are not an option. I taught myself to sew thanks to YouTube and my mom’s sewing machine and was able to come up with the perfect prototype. After many long nights and lots of research as well as some random emails and calls to strangers for advice ChuChee B was created.



I have poured a lot of love and effort into these t'zzz. I know the importance of a good quality product. I want a product that you and your little one will appreciate and love as much as we do. Many nights I have stayed up till wee hours of the night to make sure everything is done just right! I have created a line that is fun, cute and can benefit both boys and girls. I am welcome to feedback if there is something you would like to see on your t'zzz please let me know! 



Lots of love from my family to yours :)