Sizing Guide

Sizing Guide

Women's Sleep T’zzz

Small   34in length/ 17in width/ 34in bust

Medium   34in length/ 18in width/ 36in bust

Large 34.5in length/ 19in width/ 38in bust

X-Large  35in length/ 20in width/ 40in bust


Women's Two Piece Sets

Tank tops are standard in size (for a looser fit please size up your set)

Shorts ( Measured at the waistband)

Small 32in

Medium 34in

Large 35in

X-Large 36in



Pants (measured at the waist band)

Small 32in waist band / 35 in length from waist band to ankle cuff

Medium 34in / 36in length

Large 35in / 36 in length

X-Large 37in / 36 in length


Jogger Tops

Small   24in length/ 17in width/ 34in bust

Medium   24in length/ 18.5 in width/ 37in bust

Large 24in length/ 20in width/ 40in bust

X-Large  26in length/ 21in width/ 42in bust


Women's Sizing reference for all products

For loose fit size up !

Small equivalent to women's 2/4

Medium equivalent to women's 6/8

Large equivalent to women's 10/12

X-large equivalent to women's 12/14